Major News

A Second New Book!

Charles has just published his second photo book entitled "Classic Car Collages."     Like his first book, this book is also an 11"x13" coffee table size book featuring 38 different classic cars collages (mostly from the 50's-70's, both American and Foreign) along with several of the photos that made up each collage and descriptions about each car's history, engine, horsepower, and /or performance, etc.  Here's a look at the cover. 


Here's what buyers said after they received their copies of Classic Car Collages:

"I purchased this book for my husband who has a 1957 Chevy featured in the Collages Book.  He was thrilled as he was when Chuck came to our house to photograph the car four years ago.  We met Chuck at an Art Show in Scottsdale, AZ and were mezmerized by his work.  Anyone who has or loves collector cars would appreciate this book.  Chuck takes the time to get to know you and everything about your car and he takes great care to capture the special elements in his photography.   My husband had the opportunity to meet with Chuck this year when he got the book and they spent time sharing the stories of each car.  This is a great 'coffee table' book for any collector car enthusiast! "    J&C W

"With my car on the cover, I had to buy several copies to give to friends and family as Christmas presents.  Everyone said it's a great gift!"    AJT

"Loved it!!!  Loved it!!!  Thank you!"   L&J T

"What a great book! And thanks so much for including my car."   CW


The First Book

Charles'  first photo book is entitled "Exotic Car Collages."  Its an 11"x13" coffee table size book featuring 38 different exotic car collages along with several of the photos that made up each collage and descriptions about each car's engine, horsepower, 0-60 performance, etc.  Here's a look at the cover. 


Here's what buyers said after they received their copies of Exotic Car Collages:

"Fantastic Documentation of beautiful cars.  Great description and documentation.  I am honored that you put both of my cars in your Exotic Car Book.  I can't wait to share the book with others.  Maybe next year, I will have you document my Harley Davidson Motorcycle which might down the line be in a "second" great book on Vintage and Custom Motorcycles by Charles Abrams."  RS 

"I received the book you sent.  WOW….that’s terrific!  Congratulations on its publication and thank you for sending a copy to me.  I may have to buy another copy when I see you in AZ next month." JT

"Just got back from our trip . . . and the books were here!  Thanks, they look AWESOME!

I can't wait for you to do another edition and include my new red Ferrari 430 in it."  CJZ

"I received your book on Friday and I'm just getting a chance to let you know it is beautiful.  I showed it to my boss.  He has an 2 door Audi but not like the one in the book.  I also showed it to my assistant who is an avid fan of cars and planes.  He also though it was great.  I have it on my coffee table." JHB

You can order a copy of either book for your coffee table for $79.95 each + shipping and handling by emailing: cabramsphotography@covad.net.  Be sure to included your name on the card, the MasterCard or Visa number, expiration date and the last three digits on the back of the card.  In addition, please included your shipping address.  All books are shipped FedEx Ground and you receive the tracking number upon shipment.


A Magazine Feature Profile

Charles is pleased to announce that he is being featured in a three page Artist Profile in the Fall, 2009, issue of Garage Style Magazine.  Previously he had been seen with a half  page feature in the Spring, 2009, issue in the Unique Artists section. To check out this terrific magazine and then subscribe, go to: http://garagestylemagazine.com/.  The magazine is also available at most Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores.  

Here's the Artist Profile:

erdugo Ballroom of Thated at 1250 Harvard Road , B

Major New Metal Print Option

 A new art print medium has recently become available for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The high gloss coating takes on an almost magical luminescence. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled. Colors are vibrant and breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. Best of all the prints provided:

                                       * Durable archival prints without glass

  •                           *  Brilliant luminescent images
  •                           *  Ultra-Hard scratch-resistant surface
  •                           *  Waterproof/weatherproof
  •                           *  Easy cleaning with any commercial glass cleaner

A large 24"x36" example of this new print option will be exhibited for the first time at the upcoming Barrett Jackson Car Aution in Scottsdale, AZ beginning on January 16, 2010.   It will continuie to be shown at all future art and car events.



Charles (Chuck) Abrams has been involved in photography as an avocation since his pre-teenage years. Professionally, after graduating with a Master's Degree from Northwestern University, he worked in the advertising agency business and as a consultant for over thirty years. During those years, photography was always a hobby... a hobby that built slowly, but steadily into refined skills. A few years ago, he redirected his career to pursue his passion for creating unusual and distinctive photographs.

Describing his work, Chuck says, "I try to capture the essence of my subjects in terms of intense color, composition, lighting, pattern, shape, form, or texture. When shooting subjects like classic automobiles, I not only shoot the whole vehicle, but  also get in close to create the strong sense of color and design that often goes unnoticed. In addition, I look for reflections off the metal or chrome surfaces to further enhance interest. While there is always a story behind each photo, I leave the interpretation of that story up to the viewer's imagination."

To see an interview Chuck did a few years ago for a Calabasas, CA, cable show called "Preview, An Eye on the Arts" click on or cut and paste this link:



Questions and Answers

People often ask what kind of camera I use or what kind of film or have you gone digital. I tell them that those are not always the most important things. What is important is how you "see" what you want to photograph, how you envision the subject in your mind's eye, how you intend to capture a unique perspective and then translate that to the actual photograph. All photographs are moments in time, fractions of a second that last a lifetime. Whether shooting a fast moving subject or the still delicateness of a lily, both only exist for that moment in the final photograph.

Ok, so question 1: What camera do I use, film or digital, etc.?

I have always shot with Nikon cameras/lenses from my original Nikon FTN, to an N90 to an F100 and currently an F5. (Wait, my first camera was an old Kodak Duoflex that used 620 roll film if memory serves me right. And when I first started shooting in 35mm, I began with a Pentax SLR . . .which was all I could afford at the time).  All of these cameras are film cameras. The films I use most frequently are Kodak Ektachrome 100VS, Fujichrome Provia 100F and Fujichrome Velvia 100 depending on the subject.

Question 2: So what about a digital camera?

In 2005, I purchased Nikon D70 digital camera . It was a 6 megapixel camera and took great photos. It offered invaluable advantages when I shot custom collages because it allowed me to take many shots with subtle differences (angle, shading, lighting) and see the results instantly .   In addition, the digital photos for collages allow me to work much faster for creating custom collages which means faster service for my clients.

In 2006, I purchased the Nikon D200 digital camera.  It is a 10 megapixel camera and takes even better photos that the Nikon D70.  It replaced the D70 as my camera of choice for creating all the custom collages until Nikon made further advances . . .

As technology continued to advance at a rapid pace, I felt I had to keep up (as best I could!).  So in mid 2008, I purchased the Nikon D300 digital camera.  It is a 12 megapixel camera and takes even better photos than the Nikon D200.  While many people get caught up in the ever increasing meagpixel race,  its not just the number of megapixels (although more is usually better), but also the processor within the camera.  And the Nikon D300 has a great new EXPEED image processor.  It also has many techincal control features over the D200.

And with the way digital camera improvements keep happening, I have no doubt within another year or so, I'll be updating my equipment again - all to get better images for my clients.

Question 3: What kind of lenses do you use?

I have been using zoom lenses for many years and practically all of my photos have been shot with them. There was a time when fixed focal length lenses provided superior quality images. But in recent years, zoom lenses have become virtually as good in quality and in some instances actually surpass them. In addition the versatility of zoom lenses just can't be matched.  My most recent zooms are the Nikon 18-200 mm AF-S VR zoom and the Tokina 12-24 mm AT-X Pro Aspherical lenses both designed specific for use with Nikon's digital SLR cameras.  They are fantastic lenses and virtually all I need for creating my custom collages and any single images.

Question 4: What kind of prints do you make?

The digital revolution is certainly upon us and is rapidly catching up to the quality of detail that's necessary for very large prints (24" x 36" or larger). All  my large size prints (the largest being a triptych that measures 60" x 90") are made at a professional photo lab here in downtown Los Angeles.  They are printed using the state-of-the-art Lambda®  digital printer on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.  The newest mounting technique (which most clients choose) is called Plexiglas - you have to see it to believe it.

The results are stunning!

I do take advantage of the digital opportunities for smaller 8"x12" and 11"x17" prints to make high resolution digital prints. This allows me to have complete control over the quality and color . The sharpness, detail and tonality range of these prints are far superior to that of standard custom enlargements. I am often amazed at the results!

In 2008, I began offering clients large prints on canvas in the form of a gallery wrap.  The prints are also produced at my photo lab using an incredible process called a Canvas Transfer.

In 2010, I introduced yet another print option of having the prints created on aluminum for what I call metal prints as described above.

Once again with either of these new print options, the results are stunning!

Question 5: What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

During my career, I have photographed many subjects in such categories as Nature, Travel, Portraiture, Motorcycles and Classic or Exotic Cars . But I have to admit that I have the most fun shooting Classic or Exotic Cars and then creating custom collages for their owners.  And those are the photos that my clients like best of all. These custom collages are like baby portraits for my clients' special babies!

All of my collages can be viewed in the Collage Gallery.  If you would like any of your cars photographed for a custom collage, please contact me through this site.


Artist Commissions

My commissions have come from wonderful clients throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New York and Illinois.  But I have no objections to working for other clients in the remaining states!  The list below features many of those clients in no particular order. 

Soffer Foundation - San Francisco, CA
The Barbara and Morton Abt Collection - Chicago, IL
Kaiser Hospital - Riverside, CA
The Steven and Laurie Schwab Collection - Paradise Valley, AZ
Marcovici Design Group - Los Angeles, CA

Abart Properties Corporation - Scottsdale. AZ

The Larry DeBusk Collection - Palm Springs, CA

The Bob Turner Collection - Laguna Niguel, CA

The Dr. Ronald Singer Collection - Valencia, CA

Mosaic Foundation - Denver, CO

Zafarias & Partners, CPA - Encino, CA

The Ed Haberer Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

The David Bolton Collection - Laguna Niguel, CA

The Randy Rudnick Collection - Los Angeles, CA

The Marty Giglio Collection - New Lenox, IL

The Larry Vivano Collection - Joliet, IL

Emergency Services Restoration, Inc. - Redondo Beach, CA

Virginia L. Landry Law Offices - Irvine, CA

The Bernard Bienstock Collection - Santa Monica, CA

The Crystal Carter Collection - Redondo Beach, CA

The Dan and Denise Van Dusen Collection - Livermore, CA

The Jack Freethy Collection - Lafayette, CA

Neurology Pediactric Neurology, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

RE/EX California - Palm Springs, CA

The Linda and John Horioka Collection - Newport Beach, CA

The Joe Souza & Wilma Miller Collection - Newhall, CA

The David Larner Collection - Calabasas, CA

The Maiers Collection - Redondo Beach, CA

The Paper Company - Irvine, CA

Harris and Associates - Los Angeles, CA

The Jim and Karen Dahl Collection - Torrance, CA

The Mike Maslak Collection - Chula Vista, CA

The David Assayag Collection - Newport Beach, CA

The John Folsom Collection - La Mesa, CA

Peggy Collins Law Offices - Torrance, CA

The Walker Collection - Macon, IL

The Lauren Rheaume Collection - Westlake Village, CA

The Chuck and Joanne Wutkke Collection - Fountain Hills, AZ

The Joe De Loreto Racing Collection - Huntington Beach, CA

Orr Builders - Palm Desert, CA

The Mike Raike Collection - Atascadero, CA

The Mike Caviness Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

The Dr. Robert E. and Virginia Huntington Collection - North Tustin, CA

The Danny R. Shaffer Collection - Bakersfield, CA

The Judith and Michael Hickey Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

The Stuart Sackley Collection - Manhattan Beach, CA

The Rick and Gail Taylor Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

The Anthony J. Tesoro Collection - Westlake Village, CA

The Robert G. Steiner Collection - Chula Vista, CA

The Chuck Williams Collection - Montecito, CA

The Jill and Jim Roberts Collection - San Diego, CA

The John F. and Paula S. Taylor Collection - Highland Village, TX

The Howard Napolosky Collection - Calabasas, CA

The Michael and Cynthia A. Watts Collection - Paradise Valley, AZ

The John Ocho Collection - Santa Ana, CA

Tucker Investment Group Collection - Calabasas, CA

The Andy de Grassi Collection - Vallejo, CA

The Bill and Tammie Harrison Collection - Fountain Hills, AZ

The Norman Silverman Collection - Chatsworth, CA

The Mark and Linda Scangarella Collection - Eldorado Hills, CA

The Sally, Paul and Pat Quaglino Collections - Morro Bay and Templeton, CA

The Carlos J. and Mary Zilveti Collection - Paradise Valley, AZ

The John and Ellen Poyer Collection - Malibu, CA

The Carole Maggio and Mike Gianelli Collection - Redondo Beach, CA

 Ultimate Auto Touch Ups, Inc. - Chandler, AZ

The Charles Stanford Collection - Hidden Hills, CA

The Deborah and Tim Jacobus Collection - Agura Hills, CA

The Nancy and Erbie Daw, Jr. Collection - Oxnard, CA

The Patricia and Alden Stewart Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

The Alex Kanakaris Collection - Newport Beach, CA

The Donna and Cy Conrad Collection- Temecula, CA

The W. Randolph Reiss Collection - Los Angeles, CA

The Israel Mandelkorn Collection - Brooklyn, NY

The William M. Shields Collection -Hercules, CA

The Kirt Koerin Collection - Huntington Beach, CA

The John Campbell Collection - Irvine, CA

The Bruce Makowsky & Kathy Van Zeeland Collection - Beverly Hills, CA

The Ian Gill Collection - San Diego, CA

The Dr. Scott Adashian Collection -Pasadena, CA

The Tatyana and Giacomo Behar Collection - Los Angeles, CA

The Randy Mueller Collection - Scottsdale, AZ

The Jeff Cherun & Penny Morgan Collection - Los Angele, CA










ot back from Flag...and the books were here!Thanks, they look AWESOME!I can't wait for you to do another edition and include the red Ferrari in it.